The Duo STOUT is on the mission to remove the dust from Irish Folk, to renew and extend it and still keep the soul and essence of the time-honoured as well as the modern tracks and let them live on. In doing so, the two create their own sound between tradition and modernism, between folk and many other genres: Irish Folk Redefined!

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Recording diary part 2 day 5

Hello again!

Right, we have finished our last day of (active) recording. Like we knew before, the day got long and exhausting. We heard through all tracks we recorded in December and wanted to use the time to correct all faults. The thing was, having that luxury got us into trouble… To cut a long story short: We re-recorded a whole tune-set and a whole guitar track of one song. Plus we corrected some other minor faults.

Lunch and dinner were rarely existing, we finished after midnight and were dog-tired. We even did not have our whiskey, we had no energy even for that (which was a pity…)

But it was worth it. The re-recordings are marvellous, we have finally recorded all twelve tracks and the alarm rang much later today.

We also are waiting for our guest today, but we’ll tell you that tomorrow.

Before we forget, here’s a little prove that Mario recorded the box!!!


Mario Box Tagebuch
See you and keep on rockin`!