Mario and Simon are the folk-duo STOUT. They have encountered the mission to put their own mark on well- and lesser-known songs and tunes from the whole spectrum of irish folk music. They even let the the best-known songs sound fresh and new.

The program of the two full-blooded musicians contains the well-known pub-songs and ballads next to modern and unknown compositions. Furthermore the instrumental tunes indigenous to Irish Folk and also self-composed pieces ring out. But all this has one thing in common at STOUT: They re-think and re-arrange the music completely unbiased from the very core. The surprisingly rich and broad sound of the duo on the one hand comes about through the varied instrumentation: Besides their „standard“ with Kuzyna’s guitar and Scherer’s banjo, all conceivable combinations
of two guitars, the banjo, the mandolin and the accordion can be heard. Just as each song or tune demands. But the core of the STOUT-sound are the sensitively attuned, harmonic vocals. Both are passionate, accomplished singers who know how to fully use their characteristic voices. Thus all emotions from frail and gentle to humorous and tongue-in-cheek to rough and angry ring out and are sure to captivate the listener.

And still STOUT have much more to offer live than „only“ lovingly and skilfully arranged music: From the beginning they win the audience over to their side. Their strong stage presence, their humorous, winsome nature both during and between songs and their high level of musicality leave
nobody untouched. In addition STOUT are, by their own admission, an interactive band: clapping along, singing along, dancing and more are explicitly wished-for to make the evening unforgettable on both sides of the stage.

Both of them are dedicated musicians since their childhood and have gained band and stage experience long before STOUT. And since then they constantly work on widening their knowledge and skills. Since their foundation in 2013 they steadily move on, have found their sound and style and
developed a vision of music and folk that is unique and infectious. They continuously extend their repertoire and repeatedly thrill an ever-growing audience at concerts all across Germany and abroad (i.e. Belgium and Holland).

Through the various instrumentation and the sensitive, two-voiced vocals STOUT create a full and broad sound one wouldn’t expect from a duo. In addition the two musicians immediately win over the audience with their open, winsome nature, a lot of humour and big passion for their music.
Hence an evening with STOUT is big, unique entertainment and everyone’s going home happy!