Mario and Simon are the folk duo STOUT! They have joined to give known and less known songs and tunes from the whole range of irish folk music their very own touch. They even let the best-known songs sound fresh and new.

Their program ranges from loud, rough pub-songs and soulfully arranged ballads to sweeping tune-sets. With the instrumentation showing various combinations of two guitars, the tenor-banjo, the mandolin and the button accordeon but, even more important, with their two characteristic, harmonic voices, STOUT! create a surprisingly broad sound. The result is folk music revived by the creativity and fresh ideas of the two musicians while keeping the spirit of the tradition alive. Paired with their strong stage presence, their energetic, joyful playing and plenty of humor, STOUT! are ready to take their audience by storm.

Both of them are dedicated musicians since their childhood and have gained band and stage experience long before STOUT! Nevertheless they constantly work to improve their knowledge and skills. They learned from renowned musicians from Ireland and beyond at several workshops, sessions and concerts and still do so.

They first met at the irish folk and celtic music festival at the Balver Höhle. They instantly realized that they like the same songs and tunes and hence decided to join forces. Since then they steadily expand their repertoire and leave the audience thrilled at numerous gigs all around Germany.

All this – and beards! – make an evening with STOUT! a unique experience.