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STOUT Crew-Shirt

Individually designed with your name – 20€, packing extra

STOUT on your skin? No problem! We have individual shirts for you with which you become a part of the ever-growing STOUT-crew. Please add to your order-mail, besides the size, gender and colour (see below), the name that should be printed on the back of the shirt.

Available in black and white

Available in the following sizes:

Male: S – 3XL

Female (Girlie-Shirt): XS – XXL

Children: 104 – 164



Cuddling pint STOUTy – Hand-sewn and strictly limited

15€, packing extra

For all passionate STOUT-fans we have the certainly cutest member of the STOUT-crew for your home. Cuddly, friendly, STOUTy: A pint to love. No matter if used as a cuddly toy, a decorative doll or hatrack jewelry: STOUTy is always there for you. And as Ciarán Bourke sang: “Give the child a jar of porter…”



Engraved pints with our STOUT-logo

25€, packing extra

If you, like ourselves, not only like to listen to STOUT, but also are fond of drinking it, we have the absolute combination of both in our shop. A pint (yes, not 0,4 or 0,5, a pint), engraved with our very own logo. Classic, modest, yet prominent in your shelve. And certainly it tastes a bit better out of this… Also works well with water and orange juice!




Set of 4 2,50€, packing extra

If you like drinking STOUT as much as to listen to it, but have enough glasses, you can still decorate your festive table with our logo. For this purpose we have our stylish, reversible beermats. Always in a set of 4, ’cause driking together is more fun!




Piece 0,50€, packing extra

STOUT for everywhere! Stick us on bags, cases, furniture, cars, windows, beds, pets, instruments and their cases, swimming trunks or your beloved ones! The message is as plain as genius: STOUT!