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The disc costs 15€ plus 2€ shipping (That’s 17€ ordering one CD, 32€ for two, etc. You see, the more you order, the cheaper one record gets! That’s especially rewarding in three-digit ranges…).



You can also buy “Mighty Folk” at all established download-portals. The easiest way to do that is to go directly to our distributor “Finetunes”, to our Amazon- or  i-Tunes-shop which all are linked here:

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And here’s what the experts say about “Mighty Folk”:

STOUT – Mighty Folk: A mighty CD by mighty musicians!

I have listened now to it twice and I have to say I am very impressed, I really like it!
It is not just a folk cd like one has heard so many times before, very thoughtful and interesting arrangements….well done. “The welcome” on track 6 is beautiful and really stirred my emotions, maybe there was even a tear in my eye(ok…there was!)
Congratulations to the boys on the production of a fine Irish Folk CD (with a difference!)

– John Mescal of Soundz of Music (Voted „best independent music shop in Ireland“ by the Irish Times)


(translated from German) The westphalian duo Mario Kuzyna and Simon Scherer along with six guests, amongst others Kuzynas three Crosswind-colleagues and Gudrun Walther, a fine, rhythmic, melodic, varied Irish-Folk-&-Trad-music. Scherers banjo gives the whole thing a touch of bluegrass. A really nice record.

In the Folker, Issue 6/2016


(translated from German) Men with beards, a boozed-up name and I’ll Tell Me Ma: it could have been a horrible Dubliners-copy. But it isn’t. For this, Mario Kuzyna and Simon Scherer, in spite of their appreciation for the old irish bards, are too versatile and have too much taste. The two complement each other in the best way and are obviously kindred spirits. […]

At the core of the Duo-project is the stout-hearted two-voiced singing, that is steady and carries the program. Both are also respectable guitarists. STOUT can coax something new from even the most trite pub-songs due to their fresh approaches. The instrumentals are smart and pleasing. But the strongest tracks for me are the ambitious songs. The bloody ballad of Edward with its first-class arrangement gave me goose-bumps live and also delivers its drama on the record. The contributions of the guest musicians, among others Gudrun Walther, add more flavour. Hence with a dozen of varied tracks the 52 minutes playing time fly by rapidly. […]

Kuec on celtic-rock.de


And for those who still aren’t at peace with themselves about how to get that record, we warmly recommend this video:

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Video-Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uI1ktGNEMAI