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STOUT – UNDAUNTED: Redefining Irish Folk

UNDAUNTED – that’s STOUTs motto on their second album. UNDAUNTED they have refined their and added all their influences to Irish Folk. On UNDAUNTED, traditional and modern folk, borrowings from Rock, Heavy Metal, Swing, Pop and more merge harmonically. Not least the flawless two-voiced singing of the two men of STOUT ties all music on UNDAUNTED. Contradictions are resolved and music is celebrated passionatly from quiet to loud, from sad to buoyant.

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C / P STOUT / Liekedeler Musikproduktionen 2019



Mighty Folk

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The title says it all: MIGHTY FOLK is, what’s to be expected on this record!

Be it the powerful interpretatin of old pub-songs like “Rocky Road To Dublin” or “Hot Asphalt”, the soulful immersion into ballads like “The Welcome” or “Night Visiting Song” or the energetic arrangement of tunes both as a duo (“Popcorn Races”) or with friends (“Sally-Fling Set”). STOUT put all their strengths on display on their debut. The result is folk in its very own sound-space: With their creative ideas and fresh arrangements, STOUT breathes new life into the music while keeping the spirit of the tradition alive.

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C / P STOUT / Liekedeler Musikproduktionen 2015