The Duo STOUT is on the mission to remove the dust from Irish Folk, to renew and extend it and still keep the soul and essence of the time-honoured as well as the modern tracks and let them live on. In doing so, the two create their own sound between tradition and modernism, between folk and many other genres: Irish Folk Redefined!

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Recording diary part 2 day 1 and 2

Hello everybody!

Surprise, surprise: Without letting you know, we’re at Béa`s again and recording! This is because in December we’ve „only“ finished 8 tracks and thus are here again to record the final four songs.

And we’re already doing this since Sunday.

Day 1

On Sunday not much happened. We`ve arrived at Béa`s in the early evening, unpacked our stuff and said hello. After that we merrily placed mics and set the sound so we could start right off on the next day.

After this we were hungry and after dinner we lost motivation to begin the first track. And it was late already. So we called it a day and went to bed.

Day 2

On Monday we really started off. Wide awake we went to the stduio in the morning and started the first song. And while we`ve done all the complex arrangements and harder songs and tunes in December, we soon found out we have a much lighter job this week. And so we quickly decided to record the instrumental tracks for the three last pieces with banjo and guitar in one day.

There’s not much more to tell you besides: We did it. And we also had a relaxed lunch-break. Hence the stress level is very low and because of the many tracks we’ve already done we felt like being in the studio for a long time.

So we were in good mood at dinner time and looking forward to Tuesday and to recording the voices for those three tracks.

Til then we say: Stay tuned and Whack-fol-di-diddle!