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The title says it all: MIGHTY FOLK is, what’s to be expected on this record!

Be it the powerful interpretatin of old pub-songs like “Rocky Road To Dublin” or “Hot Asphalt”, the soulful immersion into ballads like “The Welcome” or “Night Visiting Song” or the energetic arrangement of tunes both as a duo (“Popcorn Races”) or with friends (“Sally-Fling Set”). STOUT put all their strengths on display on their debut. The result is folk in its very own sound-space: With their creative ideas and fresh arrangements, STOUT breathes new life into the music while keeping the spirit of the tradition alive.

The vastly different musical past and influences that the two men bring to the band shine through in every arrangement on this album: Mario brings in his deeply rooted love for irish folk music and his long experience with it, while Simon’s unique banjo-playing style shows the highly technical and rhythmical elements of his past as a metal guitarist.

They are united in their love for music of all kinds and for folk music especially. They combine well-known tracks from Ireland and Scotland with their very own way of interpreting songs and tunes. Tracks like “I’ll Tell Me Ma” come up in a surprising new and fresh sound, but without betraying their roots at any time. Hence on MIGHTY FOLK, tradition and modernity stand together mostly, sometimes vis-à-vis but never in contrast.

With the instrumentation showing various combinations of two guitars, the tenor-banjo, the mandolin and the button-accordion, STOUT create a surprisingly broad sound, which is expanded and refined by guest appearances of friends on this CD.

Perhaps more important, the musicians are accomplished singers whose voices both have their own, unique character. Melancholic and soulful in quiet moments, rough, powerful and often with a wink in loud moments, but always harmonic and emotional. Rounded by guest appearances by Gudrun Walther (Cara, Litha) and others, the singing sets the emotional tone of the album from the first to the last note.

Through a combination of all this elements – and beards! – the two musicians create their own sound that can be described in three words: STOUT – MIGHTY FOLK!

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C / P STOUT / Liekedeler Musikproduktionen 2015



And this is, what the experts say about MIGHTY FOLK:

STOUT – Mighty Folk: A mighty CD by mighty musicians! :

I have listened now to it twice and I have to say I am very impressed, I really like it! It is not just a folk CD like one has heard so many times before, very thoughtful and interesting arrangements… well done. “The welcome” on track 6 is beautiful and really stirred my emotions, maybe there was even a tear in my eye (ok… there was!) Congratulations to the boys on the production of a fine Irish Folk CD (with a difference!)

– John Meskell of Soundz of Music (voted “best independent music shop in Ireland” by the Irish Times)


(Translation from German) The westfalian duo Mario Kuzyna and Simon Scherer presents, together with six guests, among them Kuzynas three Crosswind-colleagues and Gudrun Walther, a fine, rhythmic, melodic, diverse Irish-Folk-&-Trad-Music. Scherers Banjo gives a touch of bluegrass to it. Really a nice record.

German magazine “Folker”, 6/2016


(Translation from German) Men with beards, a boozed up name and I’llTell Me Ma: It could have become an awful Dubliners-copy. But therefor Mario Kuzyna and Simon Scherer are too confident stilistically and too diverse, regardless of their appreciation of the old bards. The two supplement each other optimally and are obviously soulmates. […]

The core of the duo-project is the feisty two-voiced singing that stands strong and carries the whole program. Both are also respectable guitarists. They even get something new out of the most hackneyed pub-songs. The instrumentals are smart and great fun. Personally, I like the sophisticated songs. The bloody murder-ballad of Edward with its first-class arrangement caused goose-bumps live and also carries out its drama on the CD. The contributions of their guest musicians, among them Gudrun Walther of Cara, also add zest. Hence the twelve tracks with their 52 inutes are over fast. […]

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