The Duo STOUT is on the mission to renew and extend Irih Folk with a fresh appproach and still keep the soul and essence of the time-honoured as well as the modern tracks and let them live on. In doing so, the two create their own sound between tradition and modernism, between folk and many other genres: Irish Folk Redefined!

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FINALLY listening examples from our album!!!

It’s finally done, we can give you some teasers of three tracks from our upcoming debut. You find them right HERE!

Enjoy them, we are heading forward, it will be done in a few weeks now… We are over-excited!

Recording diary part 2 day 6

A last hello from the studio!

This time we’re not really writing from the studio. We’re home for two days right now. But on Friday, we had something going on which looked like this:

Uwe Aufnahmen

Yes, Uwe visited us and supported us with a few Bodhrán-tracks for our record. And we are absolutely stunned. He recorded everything on the spot instantly and left us a bit ashamed because of our own slowness… 😉

The day anyway went very smooth foor us as we already finished recording our own tracks and only listened to Uwe. Everything went on quite fast and smooth and was big fun for all of us. Simon was a bit frustrated before the end, ’cause a „little“ correction took quite a long time, but even that was done at the end of the day. We then listened to every new track (and those with Bodhrán added) and went to have dinner absolutely satisfied afterwards. We had two fantastic recording-weeks, we have all tracks we need and the result is coming really close now. We gave everything we had and like it. Hopefully you’ll do, too.

Here are also all pics of the two weeks.

MANY MANY THANKS TO BÉA, who let us live at her house, had much patience with us, called us to reason many times and took much care of us. There wouldn’t be a STOUT-record without you for quite a long time. Your the best!

A huge thanks to Uwe also for the funny day and some first-class Bodhrán-tracks.

We’ll be back when new things happen. Til then we say Sláinte

STOUT – Mario and Simon