Recognized by his passionate, thrilling singing and his accomplished, versatile banjo-playing. And by his pronounced beard-awareness…

How could one better strengthen his bond to irish music than living in Dublin for a time? Cleaning dishes as part of the irish working class during daytime and rocking the pub sessions at night with his friends for the next pint. That’s just what Simon did after leaving university.

It was the love for music in general that lead him to irish folk music on detours. His passion for music really evolved in his early youth and at first fully unfolded in heavy metal, that he – next to irish music of course – is still devoted to. His first metal band that he supported on the electric guitar was founded in his early youth and lasted for nearly ten years. This highly technical and rhythmical musical past helped Simon to steadily expand his skills and equipped him with excellent foundations for his further musical progress.

Like his duo-partner Mario he was musically influenced by his parents who lead him to irish bands like the Dubliners and many more.

Soon he also fell in love with the traditional music from the green island and started to regularly visit concerts and festivals. Very soon only listening to irish music wasn’t enough for him and he grabbed the banjo as his instrument. He now not only started to play irish sessions but also co-founded his first irish folk band. It was around this time that he also started singing songs and became a passionate yet sensitive singer.

Simon developed his unique style playing with friends in and out of sessions and own concerts. All this prepared him for the role he now plays as a real STOUT member. Today his unusual musical development not only shows in his playing style on banjo, guitar and mandolin but also in his singing. All this paired with his open stage presence leaves his listeners with a permanent impression.

Mario and Simon first met on the irish folk festival in Balve in 2012 and soon their mutual sympathy developed into good friendship and ultimately into the band STOUT.