The Duo STOUT is on the mission to remove the dust from Irish Folk, to renew and extend it and still keep the soul and essence of the time-honoured as well as the modern tracks and let them live on. In doing so, the two create their own sound between tradition and modernism, between folk and many other genres: Irish Folk Redefined!

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Recording diary part 2 day 4


Well, today we directly update this thing.

Yesterday also went very well. We recorded our last song and gave all the romance we could effort! The result is beautiful (well, at least we think so). Plus Mario had his appearance with the box!

Apart from this Simon again was able to show his skills as a chef in the lunch break. And apparently he is good in cooking. And while this makes more money than music, here’s the request: If anyone looks for a passionate chef to book in private setting, please call… 😀

Joking apart, we’re delighted and now start into a strenuous day of re-hearing and improving the stuff. And then there’s a surprise on Friday…

We’ll keep you updated and leave you wth a