The Duo STOUT is on the mission to remove the dust from Irish Folk, to renew and extend it and still keep the soul and essence of the time-honoured as well as the modern tracks and let them live on. In doing so, the two create their own sound between tradition and modernism, between folk and many other genres: Irish Folk Redefined!

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Recording diary part 2 day 3

Ahoy boys and girls!

Well, day three is already behind us. And we`re completely satisfied. We kept up with the schedule and that means we reached our goal even if the day got long. The three songs for which we already had instrumental tracks were completed with all the vocals. Then we also checked them and closed the projects.

Mission accomplished!

PLUS we had time for dinner and whiskey (you have to keep the engine running, don`t you…?) and went to bed quite early. It couldn`t go better at the moment!

Oh, yeah: Here are some pics.

See ya!